Interactive Voronoi Partitions using D3

D3 is a powerful Javascript library for in-browser interactive data visualisations. During my masters in Computational Biology, Voronoi Paritions were one of the tools I used to analyse the patterns formed by retinal cells throughout development.

Here is a little demo of Voronoi Partitions I made to learn a bit of d3. Code available on github.

Click and drag a point to move it. Double click a point to delete it.
Double click anywhere else to add a new point.

80 Words

Neural art

Around the Christmas break I was playing with Leon Gatys et al’s Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style¬†using the open source implementation by Justin Johnson. Here are a few images that I thought were cool!


Emmanuel College in the style of The Starry Night









Clare College Bridge and Monet’s Waterlilies











Jeremy Corbyn in the style of an impressionist rooster












The Queen in the style of some “LSD art”














The incredible Akhil, also drawn in the style of some “LSD art”











This is a video of the above image being generated. When running the programme the makes the blended images, a loop is run for a large number of iterations (~2000 times). The frames of this video show the image above after each multiple of 5 iterations.